show logging

This command displays logging configuration information.

Format show logging
Mode Privileged EXEC
Logging Client Local Port Port on the collector/relay to which syslog messages are sent.
Logging Client Source Interface Shows the configured syslog source-interface (source IP address).
CLI Command Logging Shows whether CLI Command logging is enabled.
Logging Protocol The logging protocol version number.
  • 0: RFC 3164
  • 1: RFC 5424
Console Logging Shows whether console logging is enabled.
Console Logging Severity Filter The minimum severity to log to the console log. Messages with an equal or lower numerical severity are logged.
Buffered Logging Shows whether buffered logging is enabled.
Persistent Logging Shows whether persistent logging is enabled.
Persistent Logging Severity Filter The minimum severity at which the logging entries are retained after a system reboot.
Syslog Logging Shows whether syslog logging is enabled.
Syslog Logging Facility Shows the value set for the facility in syslog messages.
Log Messages Received Number of messages received by the log process. This includes messages that are dropped or ignored.
Log Messages Dropped Number of messages that could not be processed due to error or lack of resources.
Log Messages Relayed Number of messages sent to the collector/relay.

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #show logging
Logging Client Local Port           : 514
Logging Client USB File Name        :
Logging Client Source Interface     : (not configured)
CLI Command Logging                 : disabled
Console Logging                     : enabled
Console Logging Severity Filter     : error
Buffered Logging                    : enabled
Buffered Logging Severity Filter    : info
Persistent Logging                  : disabled
Persistent Logging Severity Filter  : alert
Syslog Logging                      : disabled
Syslog Logging Facility             : local7
Log Messages Received               : 229
Log Messages Dropped                : 0
Log Messages Relayed                : 0