show dhcp l2relay all

This command displays the summary of DHCP L2 Relay configuration.

Format show dhcp l2relay all
Mode Privileged EXEC

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) (Switching) #show dhcp l2relay all
DHCP L2 Relay is Enabled.
Interface  L2RelayMode   TrustMode
----------  -----------  --------------
 0/2        Enabled      untrusted
 0/4        Disabled     trusted
VLAN Id    L2 Relay  CircuitId  RemoteId
--------- ----------  ----------- ------------
 3           Disabled    Enabled    --NULL--
5           Enabled     Enabled    --NULL--
 6           Enabled     Enabled    extreme
 7           Enabled     Disabled   --NULL--
 8           Enabled     Disabled   --NULL--
 9           Enabled     Disabled   --NULL--
 10          Enabled     Disabled   --NULL--