sflow receiver owner timeout

Use this command to configure a receiver as a timeout entry. As the sFlow receiver is configured as a timeout entry, information related to sampler and pollers are also shown in the running-config and are retained after reboot.

If a receiver is configured with a specific value, these configurations will not be shown in running-config. Samplers and pollers information related to this receiver will also not be shown in running-config.

Format sflow receiver index owner owner-string timeout
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
index Receiver index identifier. The range is 1 to 8.
owner-string The owner name corresponds to the receiver name. The identity string for the receiver, the entity making use of this sFlowRcvrTable entry. The range is 127 characters. The default is a null string. The empty string indicates that the entry is currently unclaimed and the receiver configuration is reset to the default values. An entity wishing to claim an sFlowRcvrTable entry must ensure that the entry is unclaimed before trying to claim it. The entry is claimed by setting the owner string to a non-null value. The entry must be claimed before assigning a receiver to a sampler or poller.