stats flow-based

This command configures flow based statistics rules for the given parameters over the specified time range. Only an IPv4 address is allowed as source and destination IP address.

Format stats flow-based rule-id timerange time-range-name [{srcip ip-address} {dstip ip-address} {srcmac mac-address} {dstmac mac-address} {srctcpport portid} {dsttcpport portid} {srcudpport portid} {dstudpport portid}]
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
rule-id The flow-based rule ID. The range is 1 to 16. The default is None.
time-range-name Name of the time range for the group or the flow-based rule. The range is 1 to 31 alphanumeric characters. The default is None.
srcip ip-address The source IP address.
dstip ip-address The destination IP address.
srcmac mac-address The source MAC address.
dstmac mac-address The destination MAC address.
srctcpport portid The source TCP port number.
dsttcpport portid The destination TCP port number.
srcudpport portid The source UDP port number.
dstudpport portid The destination UDP port number.

The following example shows how the command could be entered.

(Extreme 220) (Config) #stats flow-based 1 timerange test srcip dstip srcmac 1234 dstmac 1234 srctcpport 123 dsttcpport 123 srcudpport 123 dstudpport  123
(Extreme 220) (Config) #stats flow-based 2 timerange test srcip dstip srctcpport 123 dsttcpport 123 srcudpport 123 dstudpport 123