random-detect queue-parms

This command is used to configure WRED parameters for each drop precedence level supported by a queue. It is used only when per-COS queue configuration is enabled (using the cos-queue random-detect command).

Format random-detect queue-parms queue-id-1 [queue-id-2 … queue-id-n] min-thresh thresh-prec-1thresh-prec-n max-thresh thresh-prec-1thresh-prec-n drop-probability prob-prec-1prob-prec-n
  • Global Config
  • Interface Config

Each parameter is specified for each possible drop precedence (color of TCP traffic). The last precedence applies to all non-TCP traffic. For example, in a 3-color system, four of each parameter specified: green TCP, yellow TCP, red TCP, and non-TCP, respectively.

Parameter Description
min-thresh The minimum threshold the queue depth (as a percentage) where WRED starts marking and dropping traffic.
max-thresh The maximum threshold is the queue depth (as a percentage) above which WRED marks / drops all traffic.
drop-probability The percentage probability that WRED will mark/drop a packet, when the queue depth is at the maximum threshold. (The drop probability increases linearly from 0 just before the minimum threshold, to this value at the maximum threshold, then goes to 100% for larger queue depths).