CLI Line-Editing Conventions

CLI Editing Conventions describes the key combinations you can use to edit commands or increase the speed of command entry. You can access this list from the CLI by entering help from the User or Privileged EXEC modes.

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CLI Editing Conventions

Key Sequence Description
[DEL] or [Backspace] Delete previous character.
[Ctrl]+[A] Go to beginning of line.
[Ctrl]+[E] Go to end of line.
[Ctrl]+[F] Go forward one character.
[Ctrl]+[B] Go backward one character.
[Ctrl]+[D] Delete current character.
[Ctrl]+[U, X] Delete to beginning of line.
[Ctrl]+[K] Delete to end of line.
[Ctrl]+[W] Delete previous word.
[Ctrl]+[T] Transpose previous character.
[Ctrl]+[P] Go to previous line in history buffer.
[Ctrl]+[R] Rewrites or pastes the line.
[Ctrl]+[N] Go to next line in history buffer.
[Ctrl]+[Y] Prints last deleted character.
[Ctrl]+[Q] Enables serial flow.
[Ctrl]+[S] Disables serial flow.
[Ctrl]+[Z] Return to root command prompt.
[Tab], [SPACE] Command-line completion.
Exit Go to next lower command prompt.
? List available commands, keywords, or parameters.