stats group

This command creates a new group with the specified id or name and configures the time range and the reporting mechanism for that group.

Format stats group group id timerange time-range-name reporting reporting-methods
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
group id ID or name of the group of statistics to apply on the interface. You can enter either the word or the corresponding numeral. Valid values are:
  • 1: received
  • 2: received-errors
  • 3: transmitted
  • 4: transmitted-errors
  • 5: received-transmitted
  • 6: port-utilization
  • 7: congestion

There is no default value.

time-range-name Name of the time range for the group or the flow-based rule. The range is 1 to 31 alphanumeric characters. The default is None.
reporting-methods Report the statistics to the configured method. Valid values are:
  • none
  • console
  • syslog
  • email

The default is none.

The following examples show how the command could be entered.

(Extreme 220) (Config) # stats group received timerange test reporting console email syslog
(Extreme 220) (Config) # stats group received-errors timerange test reporting email syslog
(Extreme 220) (Config) # stats group received-transmitted timerange test reporting none