cos-queue random-detect

This command activates weighted random early discard (WRED) for each specified queue on the interface. Specific WRED parameters are configured using the random-detect queue-parms and the random-detect exponential-weighting-constant commands.

Format cos-queue random-detect queue-id-1 [queue-id-2 … queue-id-n]
  • Global Config
  • Interface Config

When specified in Interface Config‘ mode, this command affects a single interface only, whereas in Global Config mode, it applies to all interfaces.

At least one, but no more than n queue-id values are specified with this command. Duplicate queue-id values are ignored. Each queue-id value ranges from 0 to (n–1), where n is the total number of queues supported per interface. The number n = 7 and corresponds to the number of supported queues (traffic classes).