AutoInstall Commands

The AutoInstall feature enables the automatic update of the image and configuration of the switch. This feature enables touchless or low-touch provisioning to simplify switch configuration and imaging.

AutoInstall includes the following support:

When the switch boots and no configuration file is found, it attempts to obtain an IP address from a network DHCP server. The response from the DHCP server includes the IP address of the TFTP server where the image and configuration flies are located.

After acquiring an IP address and the additional relevant information from the DHCP server, the switch downloads the image file or configuration file from the TFTP server. A downloaded image is automatically installed. A downloaded configuration file is saved to non-volatile memory.



AutoInstall from a TFTP server can run on any IP interface, including the network port, service port, and in-band routing interfaces (if supported). To support AutoInstall, the DHCP client is enabled operationally on the service port, if it exists, or the network port, if there is no service port.