match srcl4port

This command adds to the specified class definition a match condition based on the source layer 4 port of a packet using a single keyword or numeric notation. To specify the match condition as a single keyword notation, the value for portkey is one of the supported port name keywords (listed here). The currently supported portkey values are: domain, echo, ftp, ftpdata, http, smtp, snmp, telnet, tftp, www. Each of these translates into its equivalent port number, which is used as both the start and end of a port range.

To specify the match condition as a numeric value, one layer 4 port number is required. The port number is an integer from 0 to 65535. Use the [not] option to negate the match condition.

Default None
Format match [not] srcl4port {portkey | 0-65535}
Mode Class-Map Config

Ipv6-Class-Map Config