show port-channel brief

This command displays the static capability of all port-channel (LAG (Link Aggregation Group)) interfaces on the device as well as a summary of individual port-channel interfaces. Instead of unit/slot/port, lag lag-intf-num can be used as an alternate way to specify the LAG interface. lag lag-intf-num can also be used to specify the LAG interface where lag-intf-num is the LAG port number.

Format show port-channel brief
  • User EXEC

For each port-channel the following information is displayed:

Logical Interface The unit/slot/port of the logical interface.
Port-channel Name The name of port-channel (LAG) interface.
Link-State Shows whether the link is up or down.
Trap Flag Shows whether trap flags are enabled or disabled.
Type Shows whether the port-channel is statically or dynamically maintained.
Mbr Ports The members of this port-channel.
Active Ports The ports that are actively participating in the port-channel.