This command adds a new comment to the ACL (Access Control List) rule.

Use the remark keyword to add comments (remarks) to ACL rule entries belonging to an IPv4, IPv6, MAC, or ARP ACL. Up to L7_ACL_MAX_RULES_PER_LIST*10 remarks per ACL and up to 10 remarks per ACL rule can be configured. Also, up to L7_ACL_MAX_RULES*2 remarks for all QOS ACLs(IPv4/IPv6/MAC) for device can be configured. The total length of the remark cannot exceed 100 characters. A remark can contain characters in the range A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and special characters like space, hyphen, underscore. Remarks are associated to the ACL rule that is immediately created after the remarks are created. If the ACL rule is removed, the associated remarks are also deleted. Remarks are shown only in show running-config and are not displayed in show ip access-lists.

Remarks can only be added before creating the rule. If a user creates up to 10 remarks, each of them is linked to the next created rule.

Default None
Format remark comment
  • IPv4-Access-List Config
  • IPv6-Access-List-Config
  • MAC-Access-List Config
  • ARP-Access-List Config

(Config)#arp access-list new
(Config-arp-access-list)#remark “test1”
(Config-arp-access-list)#permit ip host mac host 00:01:02:03:04:05
(Config-arp-access-list)#remark “test1”
(Config-arp-access-list)#remark “test2”
(Config-arp-access-list)#remark “test3”
(Config-arp-access-list)#permit ip host mac host 00:03:04:05:06:07
(Config-arp-access-list)#permit ip host mac host 00:03:04:05:06:08
(Config-arp-access-list)#remark “test4”
(Config-arp-access-list)#remark “test5”
(Config-arp-access-list)#permit ip host mac host 00:03:04:05:06:01