show mac-address-table gmrp

This command displays the GMRP entries in the Multicast Forwarding Database (MFDB) table.

Format show mac-address-table gmrp
Mode Privileged EXEC
VLAN ID The VLAN in which the MAC Address is learned.
MAC Address A unicast MAC address for which the switch has forwarding and or filtering information. The format is 6 two-digit hexadecimal numbers that are separated by colons, for example 01:23:45:67:89:AB.
Type The type of the entry. Static entries are those that are configured by the end user. Dynamic entries are added to the table as a result of a learning process or protocol.
Description The text description of this multicast table entry.
Interfaces The list of interfaces that are designated for forwarding (Fwd:) and filtering (Flt:).