password (Line Configuration)

Use the password command in Line Configuration mode to specify a password on a line. The default configuration is no password is specified.

Format password [password [encrypted]]
Mode Line Config
Parameter Definition
password Password for this level. Range is 8-64 characters
encrypted Encrypted password to be entered, copied from another switch configuration. The encrypted password should be 128 characters long because the assumption is that this password is already encrypted with AES.

The following examples show three different ways of using the command.

(Extreme 220)(Config-line)# password testtest
(Extreme 220) (Config-line)# password e8d63677741431114f9e39a853a15e8fd35ad059e2e1b49816c243d7e08152b052eafbf23b528d348cdba1b1b7ab91be842278e5e970dbfc62d16dcd13c0b864 encrypted
(Extreme 220) (Config-line)# password
Enter new password:********
Confirm new password:********