set igmp

This command enables IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) Snooping on the system (Global Config Mode), an interface, or a range of interfaces. This command also enables IGMP snooping on a particular VLAN (VLAN Config Mode) and can enable IGMP snooping on all interfaces participating in a VLAN.

If an interface has IGMP Snooping enabled and you enable this interface for routing or enlist it as a member of a port-channel (LAG (Link Aggregation Group)), IGMP Snooping functionality is disabled on that interface. IGMP Snooping functionality is re-enabled if you disable routing or remove port-channel (LAG) membership from an interface that has IGMP Snooping enabled.

The IGMP application supports the following activities:

  • Validation of the IP header checksum (as well as the IGMP header checksum) and discarding of the frame upon checksum error.
  • Maintenance of the forwarding table entries based on the MAC address versus the IP address.
  • Flooding of unregistered multicast data packets to all ports in the VLAN.
    Default Disabled
    Format set igmp [vlan_id]
    • Global Config
    • Interface Config
    • VLAN Config