set mld querier

Use this command to enable MLD Snooping Querier on the system (Global Config Mode) or on a VLAN. Using this command, you can specify the IP address that the snooping querier switch should use as a source address while generating periodic queries.

If a VLAN has MLD Snooping Querier enabled and MLD Snooping is operationally disabled on it, MLD Snooping Querier functionality is disabled on that VLAN. MLD Snooping functionality is re-enabled if MLD Snooping is operational on the VLAN.

The MLD Snooping Querier sends periodic general queries on the VLAN to solicit membership reports.

Default disabled
Format set mld querier [vlan-id] [address ipv6_address]
  • Global Config
  • VLAN Mode