Use this command to enable or disable auto-negotiation and set the speed that will be advertised by that port. The duplex parameter allows you to set the advertised speed for both half as well as full duplex mode.

Use the auto keyword to enable auto-negotiation on the port. Use the command without the auto keyword to ensure auto-negotiation is disabled and to set the port speed and mode according to the command values. If auto-negotiation is disabled, the speed and duplex mode must be set.

Default Auto-negotiation is enabled.
Format speed auto {10|100|1000|2.5G|10G|20G|25G|40G|50G|100G} [10|100|1000|2.5G|10G|20G|25G|40G|50G|100G] [half-duplex|full-duplex]

speed {10|100|1000|2.5G|10G|20G|25G|40G|50G|100G} {half-duplex|full-duplex}.

Mode Interface Config