logging traps

This command sets the severity at which SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) traps are logged and sent in an email.

Possible severity levels for logging messages are as follows. (You can enter either the word or the corresponding numeral.)

  • emergency (0): The device is unusable.
  • alert (1): Action must be taken immediately.
  • critical (2): The device is experiencing primary system failures.
  • error (3): The device is experiencing non-urgent failures.
  • warning (4): The device is experiencing conditions that could lead to system errors if no action is taken.
  • notice (5): The device is experiencing normal but significant conditions.
  • info (6): The device is providing non-critical information.
  • debug (7): The device is providing debug-level information.
Default Info (6) messages and higher are logged.
Format logging traps severity-level
Mode Global Config