lldp med transmit-tlv all

Use this command to specify which optional Type Length Values (TLVs) in the LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) MED set will be transmitted in the Link Layer Discovery Protocol Data Units (LLDPDUs).

Default By default, the capabilities and network policy TLVs are included.
Format lldp med transmit-tlv all [capabilities] [ex-pd] [ex-pse] [inventory] [location] [network-policy]
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
capabilities Transmit the LLDP capabilities TLV.
ex-pd Transmit the LLDP extended PD TLV.
ex-pse Transmit the LLDP extended PSE TLV.
inventory Transmit the LLDP inventory TLV.
location Transmit the LLDP location TLV.
network-policy Transmit the LLDP network policy TLV.