set ip next-hop

Use this command to specify the adjacent next-hop router in the path toward the destination to which the packets should be forwarded. If more than one IP address is specified, the first IP address associated with a currently up-connected interface is used to route the packets.

This command affects all incoming packet types and is always used if configured. If configured next-hop is not present in the routing table, an ARP request is sent from the router.

In a route-map statement, ‘set ip next-hop‘ and ‘set ip default next-hop‘ terms are mutually exclusive. However, a ‘set ip default next-hop‘ can be configured in a separate route-map statement.

Format set ip next-hop ip-address [...ip-address]
Mode Route Map Configuration
Parameter Description
ip-address The IP address of the next hop to which packets are output. It must be the address of an adjacent router. A maximum of 16 next-hop IP addresses can be specified in this ‘set‘ clause.