ip policy route-map

Use this command to identify a route map to use for policy-based routing on an interface specified by route-map-name. Policy-based routing is configured on the interface that receives the packets, not on the interface from which the packets are sent.

When a route-map applied on the interface is changed, that is, if new statements are added to route-map or match/set terms are added/removed from route-map statement, and also if route-map that is applied on an interface is removed, route-map needs to be removed from interface and added back again in order to have changed route-map configuration to be effective.



Route-map and DiffServ cannot work on the same interface.
Format ip policy route-map route-map-name
Mode Interface Config

The following is an example of this command.

(Extreme 220) (Config) #interface 1/0/1
(Extreme 220) (Interface 1/0/1)#
 (Extreme 220) (Switching) (Interface 1/0/1)# #ip policy route-map equal-access
In order to disable policy based routing from an interface, use no form of this command
no ip policy route-map route-map-name