show users

This command displays the configured user names and their settings. The show users command displays truncated user names. Use the show users long command to display the complete usernames. The show users command is only available for users with level 15 privileges. The SNMPv3 fields will only be displayed if SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is available on the system.

Format show users
Mode Privileged EXEC
User Name The name the user enters to login using the serial port, Telnet or web.
Access Mode Shows whether the user is able to change parameters on the switch (level 15) or is only able to view them (level 1). As a factory default, the “admin” user has level 15 access and the “guest” has level 1 access.
SNMPv3 Access Mode The SNMPv3 Access Mode. If the value is set to ReadWrite, the SNMPv3 user is able to set and retrieve parameters on the system. If the value is set to ReadOnly, the SNMPv3 user is only able to retrieve parameter information. The SNMPv3 access mode may be different than the CLI and web access mode.
SNMPv3 Authentication The authentication protocol to be used for the specified login user.
SNMPv3 Encryption The encryption protocol to be used for the specified login user.