show lldp med remote-device detail

Use this command to display detailed information about remote devices that transmit current LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) MED data to an interface on the system.

Format show lldp med remote-device detail unit/slot/port
Mode Privileged EXEC

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #show lldp med remote-device detail 1/0/8
LLDP MED Remote Device Detail
Local Interface: 1/0/8
Remote Identifier: 18
MED Capabilities Supported: capabilities, networkpolicy, location, extendedpse
MED Capabilities Enabled: capabilities, networkpolicy
Device Class: Endpoint Class I
Network Policies
Media Policy Application Type : voice
Vlan ID: 10
Priority: 5
Unknown: False
Tagged: True
Media Policy Application Type : streamingvideo
Vlan ID: 20
Priority: 1
Unknown: False
Tagged: True
Hardware Rev: xxx xxx xxx
Firmware Rev: xxx xxx xxx
Software Rev: xxx xxx xxx
Serial Num: xxx xxx xxx
Mfg Name: xxx xxx xxx
Model Name: xxx xxx xxx
Asset ID: xxx xxx xxx
Subtype: elin
Info: xxx xxx xxx
Extended POE
Device Type: pseDevice
Extended POE PSE
Available: 0.3 Watts
Source: primary
Priority: critical
Extended POE PD
Required: 0.2 Watts
Source: local
Priority: low