rmon collection history

This command sets the history control parameters of the RMON historyControl MIB group.



This command is not supported on interface range. Each RMON history control collection entry can be configured on only one interface. If you try to configure on multiple interfaces, DUT displays an error.
Format rmon collection history index-number [buckets number| interval interval-in-sec| owner string]
Mode Interface Config
Parameter Description
index-number An index that uniquely identifies an entry in the historyControl table. Each such entry defines a set of samples at a particular interval for an interface on the device. The range is 1 to 65535.
buckets number The maximum number of entries to maintain. The range is 1 to 65535. The default is 50.
interval interval-in-sec The interval in seconds over which the data is sampled. The range is 1 to 3600 (one hour). The default is 1800.
owner string The owner string associated with the history control entry.

The following shows an example of the command.

(Extreme 220) (Interface 1/0/1)# rmon collection history 1 buckets 10 interval 30 owner myOwner

Note that the command is not valid for a range of interfaces, as shown in the following example.

(Extreme 220) (Interface 1/0/1-1/0/10)#rmon collection history 1 buckets 10 interval 30 owner myOwner
Error: 'rmon collection history' is not supported on range of interfaces.