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Linux BSP Log Message

Component Message Cause
Linux BSP rc = 10 Second message logged at bootup, right after Starting code…. Always logged.
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OSAPI Linux Log Messages

Component Message Cause
OSAPI Linux osapiNetLinkNeighDump: could not open socket! - or –

ipstkNdpFlush: could not open socket! – or –

osapiNetlinkDumpOpen: unable to bind socket! errno = XX

Couldn‘t open a NetLink socket. Make sure “ARP Daemon support” (CONFIG_ARPD) is enabled in the Linux kernel, if the reference kernel binary is not being used.
OSAPI Linux ipstkNdpFlush: sending delete failed Failed when telling the kernel to delete a neighbor table entry (the message is incorrect).
OSAPI Linux unable to open /proc/net/ipv6/conf/default/hop_limit IPv6 MIB objects read, but /proc file system is not mounted, or running kernel does not have IPV6 support.
OSAPI Linux osapimRouteEntryAdd, errno XX adding 0xYY to ZZ – or –

osapimRouteEntryDelete, errno XX deleting 0xYY from ZZ

Error adding or deleting an IPv4 route (listed in hex as YY), on the interface with Linux name ZZ Error code can be looked up in errno.h.
OSAPI Linux l3intfAddRoute: Failed to Add Route – or –

l3intfDeleteRoute: Failed to Delete Route

Error adding or deleting a default gateway in the kernel‘s routing table (the function is really osapiRawMRouteAdd()/Delete()).
OSAPI Linux osapiNetIfConfig: ioctl on XX failed: addr: 0xYY, err: ZZ – or –

osapiNetIPSet: ioctl on XX failed: addr: 0x%YY

Failed trying to set the IP address (in hex as YY) of the interface with Linux name XX, and the interface does not exist. Sometimes this is a harmless race condition (for example, we try to set address 0 when DHCPing on the network port (dtl0) at bootup, before it‘s created using TAP).
OSAPI Linux ping: sendto error Trouble sending an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo request packet for the UI ping command. Maybe there was no route to that network.
OSAPI Linux Failed to Create Interface Out of memory at system initialization time.
OSAPI Linux TAP Unable to open XX The /dev/tap file is missing, or, if not using the reference kernel binary, the kernel is missing “Universal TUN/TAP device driver support” (CONFIG_TUN).
OSAPI Linux Tap monitor task is spinning on select failures – then –

Tap monitor select failed: XX

Trouble reading the /dev/tap device, check the error message XX for details.
OSAPI Linux Log_Init: log file error - creating new log file This pertains to the “event log” persistent file in flash. Either it did not exist, or had a bad checksum.
OSAPI Linux Log_Init: Flash (event) log full; erasing Event log file has been cleared; happens at boot time.
OSAPI Linux Log_Init: Corrupt event log; erasing Event log file had a non-blank entry after a blank entry; therefore, something was messed up.
OSAPI Linux Failed to Set Interface IP Address – or – IP Netmask – or – Broadcast Address – or – Flags – or – Hardware Address – or –

Failed to Retrieve Interface Flags

Trouble adding VRRP IP or MAC address(es) to a Linux network interface.