show interfaces status

Use this command to display interface information, including the description, port state, speed and auto-neg capabilities. The command is similar to show port all but displays additional fields like interface description and port-capability.

The description of the interface is configurable through the existing command description name, which has a maximum length of 64 characters that is truncated to 28 characters in the output. The long form of the description can be displayed using show port description. The interfaces displayed by this command are physical interfaces, LAG (Link Aggregation Group) interfaces and VLAN routing interfaces.

Format show interfaces status [{unit/slot/port | vlan id}]
Mode Privileged EXEC
Port The interface associated with the rest of the data in the row.
Name The descriptive user-configured name for the interface.
Link State Whether the link is up or down.
Physical Mode The speed and duplex settings on the interface.
Physical Status The port speed and duplex mode for physical interfaces. The physical status for LAGs is not reported. When a port is down, the physical status is unknown.
Media Type The media type of the interface.
Flow Control Status The 802.3x flow control status.
Flow Control The configured 802.3x flow control mode.