show ip helper-address

Use this command to display the IP helper address configuration. The argument unit/slot/port corresponds to a physical routing interface or VLAN routing interface. The keyword vlan is used to specify the VLAN ID of the routing VLAN directly instead of a unit/slot/port format.

Format show ip helper-address unit/slot/port|vlan 1-4093}]
Mode Privileged EXEC
Parameter Description
interface The relay configuration is applied to packets that arrive on this interface. This field is set to any for global IP helper entries.
UDP Port The relay configuration is applied to packets whose destination UDP port is this port. Entries whose UDP port is identified as any are applied to packets with the destination UDP ports listed in Table 4.
Discard If Yes, packets arriving on the given interface with the given destination UDP port are discarded rather than relayed. Discard entries are used to override global IP helper address entries which otherwise might apply to a packet.
Hit Count The number of times the IP helper entry has been used to relay or discard a packet.
Server Address The IPv4 address of the server to which packets are relayed.

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) #show ip helper-address
IP helper is enabled
	Interface   UDP Port     Discard   Hit Count   Server Address
---------------  -----------  --------  ----------  ---------------
          1/0/1       dhcp        No        10
          1/0/17      any        Yes         2
          any         dhcp        No         0