show isdp entry

This command displays ISDP entries. If the device id is specified, then only entries for that device are shown.

Format show isdp entry {all | deviceid}
Mode Privileged EXEC
Device ID

The device ID associated with the neighbor which advertised the information.

IP Addresses

The IP address(es) associated with the neighbor.


ISDP Functional Capabilities advertised by the neighbor.


The hardware platform advertised by the neighbor.


The interface (unit/slot/port) on which the neighbor's advertisement was received.

Port ID

The port ID of the interface from which the neighbor sent the advertisement.

Hold Time

The hold time advertised by the neighbor.


The software version that the neighbor is running.

Advertisement Version

The version of the advertisement packet received from the neighbor.

Entry Last Changed Time

The time when the entry was last changed.

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) #show isdp entry Switch
Device ID 									Switch
	IP Address:
	IP Address:
Capability 									Router IGMP
Platform 									cisco WS-C4948
Interface 									0/1
Port ID 									GigabitEthernet1/1
Holdtime 									64
Advertisement Version 									2
Entry last changed time 									0 days 00:13:50