show port-security

This command displays the port-security settings for the port(s). If you do not use a parameter, the command displays the Port Security Administrative mode. Use the optional parameters to display the settings on a specific interface or on all interfaces. Instead of unit/slot/port, lag lag-intf-num can be used as an alternate way to specify the LAG (Link Aggregation Group) interface. lag lag-intf-num can also be used to specify the LAG interface where lag-intf-num is the LAG port number.

Format show port-security [{unit/slot/port | all}]
Mode Privileged EXEC
Admin Mode Port Locking mode for the entire system. This field displays if you do not supply any parameters.

For each interface, or for the interface you specify, the following information appears:

Admin Mode Port Locking mode for the Interface.
Dynamic Limit Maximum dynamically allocated MAC Addresses.
Static Limit Maximum statically allocated MAC Addresses.
Violation Trap Mode Whether violation traps are enabled.
Sticky Mode The administrative mode of the port security Sticky Mode feature on the interface.

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #show port-security 0/1
        Admin    Dynamic     Static     Violation  Sticky
Intf    Mode      Limit      Limit      Trap Mode  Mode
------  -------  ----------  ---------  ---------  --------
0/1     Disabled 1           1          Disabled   Enabled