spanning-tree vlan max-age

Use this command to configure the spanning tree maximum age time for a set of VLANs. The default is 20 seconds.

Set this value to a lower number to accelerate the discovery of topology changes. The network operator must take into account the end-to-end BPDU propagation delay and message age overestimate for their specific topology when configuring this value.

The default setting of 20 seconds is suitable for a network of diameter 7, lost message value of 3, transit delay of 1, hello interval of 2 seconds, overestimate per bridge of 1 second, and a BPDU delay of 1 second. For a network of diameter 4, a setting of 16 seconds is appropriate if all other timers remain at their default values.

Default 20 seconds
Format spanning-tree vlan vlan-list max-age 6-40
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
vlan-list The VLANs to which to apply this command.
max-age The spanning tree forward hello time. The range is 1-10 seconds.