auto-voip oui-based priority

Use this command to configure the global OUI based auto VoIP priority. If the phone OUI is matches one of the configured OUI, then the priority of traffic from the phone is changed to OUI priority configured through this command. The priority-value is the 802.1p priority used for traffic that matches a value in the known OUI list. If the interface detects an OUI match, the switch assigns the traffic in that session to the traffic class mapped to this priority value. Traffic classes with a higher value are generally used for time-sensitive traffic.

Default Highest available priority.
Format auto-voip oui-based priority priority-value
Mode Global Config

The following example shows how to add an OUI to the table.

(Extreme 220) (Config) #auto-voip oui 00:03:6B desc "Cisco VoIPPhone"