set comm-list delete

To remove BGP communities from an inbound or outbound UPDATE message, use the set comm-list delete command in Route Map Configuration mode. A route map with this set command can be used to remove selected communities from inbound and outbound routes. When a community list is applied to a route for this purpose, each of the route‘s communities is submitted to the community list one at a time. Communities permitted by the list are removed from the route. Because communities are processed individually, a community list used to remove communities should not include the exact-match option on statements with multiple communities. Such statements can never match an individual community.

When a route map statement includes both set community and set comm-list delete terms, the set comm-list delete term is processed first, and then the set community term (meaning that, communities are first removed, and then communities are added).

Format set comm-list community-list-name delete
Mode Route Map Configuration
Parameter Description
community-list-name A standard community list name.