set interface

If network administrator does not want to revert to normal forwarding but instead want to drop a packet that does not match the specified criteria, a set statement needs to be configured to route the packets to interface null 0 as the last entry in the route-map. set interface null0 needs to be configured in a separate statement. It should not be added along with any other statement having other match/set terms.

A route-map statement that is used for PBR is configured as permit or deny. If the statement is marked as deny, traditional destination-based routing is performed on the packet meeting the match criteria. If the statement is marked as permit, and if the packet meets all the match criteria, then set commands in the route-map statement are applied. If no match is found in the route-map, the packet is not dropped, instead the packet is forwarded using the routing decision taken by performing destination-based routing.

Format set interface null0
Mode Route Map Configuration