sntp source-interface

Use this command to specify the physical or logical interface to use as the source interface (source IP address) for SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) unicast server configuration. If configured, the address of source Interface is used for all SNTP communications between the SNTP server and the SNTP client. The selected source-interface IP address is used for filling the IP header of management protocol packets. This allows security devices (firewalls) to identify the source packets coming from the specific switch. If a source-interface is not specified, the primary IP address of the originating (outbound) interface is used as the source address. If the configured interface is down, the SNTP client falls back to its default behavior.

Format sntp source-interface {unit/slot/port |loopback loopback-id | vlanvlan-id | network | serviceport}
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
unit/slot/port The unit identifier assigned to the switch.
loopback loopback-id Configures the loopback interface. The range of the loopback ID is 0 to 7.
vlan vlan-id Configures the VLAN interface to use as the source IP address. The range of the VLAN ID is 1 to 4093.
network Uses the network source IP as the source address.
serviceport Uses the management port source IP as the source address.