ipv6 traffic-filter

This command either attaches a specific IPv6 ACL (Access Control List) identified by name to an interface or range of interfaces, or associates it with a VLAN ID in a given direction. The name parameter must be the name of an existing IPv6 ACL.

An optional sequence number may be specified to indicate the order of this mac access list relative to other IPv6 access lists already assigned to this interface and direction. A lower number indicates higher precedence order. If a sequence number is already in use for this interface and direction, the specifiedIPv6 access list replaces the currently attached IPv6 access list using that sequence number. If the sequence number is not specified for this command, a sequence number that is one greater than the highest sequence number currently in use for this interface and direction is used.

This command specified in Interface Config mode only affects a single interface, whereas the Global Config mode setting is applied to all interfaces. The vlan keyword is only valid in the Global Config mode. The Interface Config mode command is only available on platforms that support independent per-port class of service queue configuration.

An optional control-plane is specified to apply the ACL on CPU port. The IPv6 control packets like IGMPv6 are also dropped because of the implicit deny all rule added at the end of the list. To overcome this, permit rules must be added to allow the IPv6 control packets.



The keyword control-plane is only available in Global Config mode.


You should be aware that the out option may or may not be available, depending on the platform.
Format ipv6 traffic-filter name {{control-plane |in|out}|vlan vlan-id {in|out}} [sequence 1-4294967295]
  • Global Config
  • Interface Config

The following shows an example of the command.

(Extreme 220) (Routing)(Config)#ipv6 traffic-filter ip61 control-plane