show time-range

Use this command to display a time range and all the absolute/periodic time entries that are defined for the time range. Use the name parameter to identify a specific time range to display. When name is not specified, all the time ranges defined in the system are displayed.

Format show time-range [name]
Mode Privileged EXEC

The information in the following table displays when no time range name is specified.

Admin Mode The administrative mode of the time range feature on the switch
Current number of all Time Ranges The number of time ranges currently configured in the system.
Maximum number of all Time Ranges The maximum number of time ranges that can be configured in the system.
Time Range Name Name of the time range.
Status Status of the time range (active/inactive)
Periodic Entry count The number of periodic entries configured for the time range.
Absolute Entry Whether an absolute entry has been configured for the time range (Exists).