show ip rip

This command displays information relevant to the RIP (Routing Information Protocol) router.

Format show ip rip
  • Privileged EXEC
  • User EXEC
RIP Admin Mode

Enable or disable.

Split Horizon Mode

None, simple or poison reverse.

Auto Summary Mode

Enable or disable. If enabled, groups of adjacent routes are summarized into single entries, in order to reduce the total number of entries The default is enable.

Host Routes Accept Mode

Enable or disable. If enabled the router accepts host routes. The default is enable.

Global Route Changes

The number of route changes made to the IP Route Database by RIP. This does not include the refresh of a route's age.

Global queries

The number of responses sent to RIP queries from other systems.

Default Metric

The default metric of redistributed routes if one has already been set, or blank if not configured earlier. The valid values are 1 to 15.

Default Route Advertise

The default route.