set ip default next-hop

Use this command to set a list of default next-hop IP addresses. If more than one IP address is specified, the first next hop specified that appears to be adjacent to the router is used. The optional specified IP addresses are tried in turn.

A packet is routed to the next hop specified by this command only if there is no explicit route for the packet‘s destination address in the routing table. A default route in the routing table is not considered an explicit route for an unknown destination address.

In a route-map statement, ‘set ip next-hop‘ and ‘set ip default next-hop‘ terms are mutually exclusive.However, a ‘set ip next-hop‘ can be configured in a separate route-map statement

Format set ip default next-hop ip-address [...ip-address]
Mode Route Map Configuration
Parameter Description
ip-address The IP address of the next hop to which packets are output. It must be the address of an adjacent router. A maximum of 16 next-hop IP addresses can be specified in this ‘set‘ clause.