show interfaces random-detect

This command displays the global WRED settings for each CoS (Class of Service) queue. If you specify the unit/slot/port, the command displays the WRED settings for each CoS queue on the specified interface.

Format show interfaces random-detect [unit/slot/port]
Mode Privileged EXEC
Queue ID An interface supports n queues numbered 0 to (n-1). The specific n value is platform dependent.
WRED Minimum Threshold The configured minimum threshold the queue depth (as a percentage) where WRED starts marking and dropping traffic.
WRED Maximum Threshold The configured maximum threshold is the queue depth (as a percentage) above which WRED marks / drops all traffic.
WRED Drop Probability The configured percentage probability that WRED will mark/drop a packet, when the queue depth is at the maximum threshold. (The drop probability increases linearly from 0 just before the minimum threshold, to this value at the maximum threshold, then goes to 100% for larger queue depths).