match class-map

This command adds to the specified class definition the set of match conditions defined for another class. The refclassname is the name of an existing DiffServ class whose match conditions are being referenced by the specified class definition.

Default None
Format match class-map refclassname
Mode Class-Map Config Ipv6-Class-Map Config


The parameters refclassname and class-map-name can not be the same.

Only one other class may be referenced by a class.

Any attempts to delete the refclassname class while the class is still referenced by any class-map-name fails.

The combined match criteria of class-map-name and refclassname must be an allowed combination based on the class type.

Any subsequent changes to the refclassname class match criteria must maintain this validity, or the change attempt fails.

The total number of class rules formed by the complete reference class chain (including both predecessor and successor classes) must not exceed a platform-specific maximum. In some cases, each removal of a refclass rule reduces the maximum number of available rules in the class definition by one.