ip http authentication

Use this command to specify authentication methods for HTTP server users. The default configuration is the local user database is checked. This action has the same effect as the command ip http authentication local. The additional methods of authentication are used only if the previous method returns an error, not if it fails. To ensure that the authentication succeeds even if all methods return an error, specify none as the final method in the command line. For example, if none is specified as an authentication method after radius, no authentication is used if the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) server is down.

Default local
Format ip http authentication method1 [method2...]
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
method1 [method2...] Specify at least one from the following:
  • local: Uses the local username database for authentication.
  • none: Uses no authentication.
  • radius: Uses the list of all RADIUS servers for authentication.
  • tacacs: Uses the list of all TACACS+ servers for authentication.

The following example configures the HTTP authentication.

(Extreme 220) (Config) # ip http authentication radius local