vlan routing

This command enables routing on a VLAN. The vlanid value has a range from 1 to 4093. The [interface ID] value has a range from 1 to 128. Typically, you will not supply the interface ID argument, and the system automatically selects the interface ID. However, if you specify an interface ID, the interface ID becomes the port number in the unit/slot/port for the VLAN routing interface. If you select an interface ID that is already in use, the CLI displays an error message and does not create the VLAN interface. For products that use text-based configuration, including the interface ID in the vlan routing command for the text configuration ensures that the unit/slot/port for the VLAN interface stays the same across a restart. Keeping the unit/slot/port the same ensures that the correct interface configuration is applied to each interface when the system restarts.

Format vlan routing vlanid [interface ID]
Mode VLAN Config