match ip dscp

This command adds to the specified class definition a match condition based on the value of the IP DiffServ Code Point (DSCP) field in a packet, which is defined as the high-order six bits of the Service Type octet in the IP header (the low-order two bits are not checked).

The dscpval value is specified as either an integer from 0 to 63, or symbolically through one of the following keywords: af11, af12, af13, af21, af22, af23, af31, af32, af33, af41, af42, af43, be, cs0, cs1, cs2, cs3, cs4, cs5, cs6, cs7, ef. Use the [not] option to negate the match condition.



The ip dscp, ip precedence, and ip tos match conditions are alternative ways to specify a match criterion for the same Service Type field in the IP header, but with a slightly different user notation.
Default None
Format match [not] ip dscp dscpval
Mode Class-Map Config

Ipv6-Class-Map Config