show dot1x authentication-history

This command displays 802.1X authentication events and information during successful and unsuccessful Dot1x authentication process for all interfaces or the specified interface. Use the optional keywords to display only failure authentication events in summary or in detail.

Format show dot1x authentication-history {unit/slot/port | all} [failed-auth-only] [detail]
Mode Privileged EXEC
Term Definition
Time Stamp The exact time at which the event occurs.
Interface Physical Port on which the event occurs.
Mac-Address The supplicant/client MAC address.
VLAN assigned The VLAN assigned to the client/port on authentication.
VLAN assigned Reason The type of VLAN ID assigned, which can be Guest VLAN, Unauth, Default, RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) Assigned, or Monitor Mode VLAN ID.
Auth Status The authentication status.
Reason The actual reason behind the successful or failed authentication.