show process proc-list

This application displays the processes started by applications created by the Process Manager.



This command is available in Linux 2.6 only.
Format show process proc-list
Mode Privileged EXEC
PID The number the software uses to identify the process.
Process Name The name that identifies the process.
Application ID-Name The application identifier and its associated name.
Child Whether the process has spawned a child process.
VM Size Virtual memory size.
VM Peak The maximum amount of virtual memory the process has used at a given time.
FD Count The file descriptors count for the process.

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

(Extreme 220) (Routing) #show process proc-list
      Process         Application               VM Size  VM Peak
PID   Name            ID-Name              Chld  (KB)     (KB)    FD Count
---- ---------------- -------------------- ---- -------- -------- --------
15260 procmgr          0-procmgr            No       1984     1984        8
15309 dataplane        1-dataplane          No     293556   293560       11
15310 switchdrvr       2-switchdrvr         No     177220   177408       57
15314 syncdb           3-syncdb             No       2060     2080        8
18718 lighttpd         4-lighttpd           No       5508     5644       11
18720 lua_magnet       4-lighttpd           Yes     12112    12112        7
18721 lua_magnet       4-lighttpd           Yes     25704    25708        7