show telnetcon

This command displays the current inbound Telnet settings. In other words, these settings apply to Telnet connections initiated from a remote system to the switch.

Format show telnetcon
  • Privileged EXEC
  • User EXEC
Remote Connection Login Timeout (minutes) This object indicates the number of minutes a remote connection session is allowed to remain inactive before being logged off. May be specified as a number from 1 to 160. The factory default is 5.
Maximum Number of Remote Connection Sessions This object indicates the number of simultaneous remote connection sessions allowed. The factory default is 5.
Allow New Telnet Sessions New Telnet sessions will not be allowed when this field is set to no. The factory default value is yes.
Telnet Server Admin Mode If Telnet Admin mode is enabled or disabled.
Telnet Server Port The configured TCP port number on which the Telnet server listens for requests. (The default is 23.)