spanning-tree mst vlan

This command adds an association between a multiple spanning tree instance and one or more VLANs so that the VLAN(s) are no longer associated with the common and internal spanning tree. The parameter mstid is a multiple spanning tree instance identifier, in the range of 0 to 4094, that corresponds to the desired existing multiple spanning tree instance. The vlanid can be specified as a single VLAN, a list, or a range of values. To specify a list of VLANs, enter a list of VLAN IDs in the range 1 to 4093, each separated by a comma with no spaces in between. To specify a range of VLANs, separate the beginning and ending VLAN ID with a dash (-). Spaces and zeros are not permitted. The VLAN IDs may or may not exist in the system.

Format spanning-tree mst vlan mstid vlanid
Mode Global Config