show process app-list

This command displays the user and system applications.



This command is available in Linux 2.6 only.
Format show process app-list
Mode Privileged EXEC
ID The application identifier.
Name The name that identifies the process.
PID The number the software uses to identify the process.
Admin Status The administrative status of the process.
Auto Restart Whether the process will automatically restart if it stops.
Running Status Whether the process is currently running or stopped.

The following example shows CLI display output for the command.

                            Admin     Auto      Running
ID    Name            PID   Status    Restart   Status
---- ---------------- ----- --------- --------- -------
   1 dataplane        15309 Enabled   Disabled  Running
   2 switchdrvr       15310 Enabled   Disabled  Running
   3 syncdb           15314 Enabled   Disabled  Running
   4 lighttpd         18718 Enabled   Enabled   Running
   5 syncdb-test          0 Disabled  Disabled  Stopped
   6 proctest             0 Disabled  Enabled   Stopped
   7 user.start           0 Enabled   Disabled  Stopped