ip mtu

This command sets the IP Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) on a routing interface or range of interfaces. The IP MTU is the size of the largest IP packet that can be transmitted on the interface without fragmentation. Forwarded packets are dropped if they exceed the IP MTU of the outgoing interface.

Packets originated on the router, such as OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) packets, may be fragmented by the IP stack.

OSPF advertises the IP MTU in the Database Description packets it sends to its neighbors during database exchange. If two OSPF neighbors advertise different IP MTUs, they will not form an adjacency. (unless OSPF has been instructed to ignore differences in IP MTU with the ip ospf mtu-ignore command.)



The IP MTU size refers to the maximum size of the IP packet (IP Header + IP payload). It does not include any extra bytes that may be required for Layer-2 headers. To receive and process packets, the Ethernet MTU (see mtu) must take into account the size of the Ethernet header.

For more information about the 200 Series IP MTU, see the Maximum Transmission Unit in 200 Series Application Note (document number 200 Series-AN40X-R).

Default 1500 bytes
Format ip mtu 68-12270
Mode Interface Config