sflow receiver

Use this command to configure the sFlow collector parameters (owner string, receiver timeout, max datagram size, IP address, and port).

Format sflow receiver rcvr_idx {owner owner-string timeout rcvr_timeout | max datagram size | ip ip | port port}
Mode Global Config
Parameter Description
owner-string The identity string for the receiver, the entity making use of this sFlowRcvrTable entry. The range is 127 characters. The default is a null string. The empty string indicates that the entry is currently unclaimed and the receiver configuration is reset to the default values. An entity wishing to claim an sFlowRcvrTable entry must ensure that the entry is unclaimed before trying to claim it. The entry is claimed by setting the owner string to a non-null value. The entry must be claimed before assigning a receiver to a sampler or poller.
rcvr_timeout The time, in seconds, remaining before the sampler or poller is released and stops sending samples to receiver. A management entity wanting to maintain control of the sampler is responsible for setting a new value before the old one expires. The allowed range is 0-2147483647 seconds. The default is zero (0).
size The maximum number of data bytes that can be sent in a single sample datagram. The management entity should set this value to avoid fragmentation of the sFlow datagrams. The allowed range is 200 to 9116). The default is 1400.
ip The sFlow receiver IP address. If set to, no sFlow datagrams will be sent. The default is
port The destination Layer4 UDP port for sFlow datagrams. The range is 1-65535. The default is 6343.